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1. How do MetaNode Licenses work? 

MetaNode is a monthly subscription product, where one subscription equals one license. There are currently no other types of license available.

2. How many licenses do I need? 

You will need one license for every concurrent MetaNode Client App connected to the MetaNode Server at any given time. 

3. Does the MetaNode Server require a license? 

No. The MetaNode Server distributes licenses and manages the file repository. The server itself does not require a license to run. 

4. Are the individual licenses node-locked? 

No. You can reassign the licenses as you see fit*. Please refer to the "Installation" page on how to perform user and license management.
*For details on license reassignment limits and abuse policies, please refer to the "License" chapter of the MetaNode EULA. 

5. Will you have boxed (i.e. non-subscription licenses)? 

We currently have no plans for this. 

6. Do I need an account to subscribe to MetaNode? 

No. We gather no data from you on this website, bar the cookies required to make it work. Your orders and payment are processed and fulfilled by FastSpring, our payment gateway. Currently, the only information we reuse from FastSpring are the email addresses our users put in the checkout form. The only reason we do this is to associate a license with the email address provided.

We therefore caution our users to be extra careful and spell- or doublecheck when providing your email address. If you suspect you have made a mistake, please contact us immediately at Please share the following details to help us verify and solve your issue as quickly as we can: 

  • date and time of purchase
  • number of subscriptions
  • the email you used for the purchase

7. Does a MetaNode subscription auto-renew?

Yes. The first charge is when you first purchase your license(s), and the subscription(s) for that, and those licenses will run until you cancel or change them as described below.  

8. How do I cancel my MetaNode Subscription?

Easily! With every email you get for a confirming a successful purchase or renewal of your MetaNode subscription, FastSpring will provide you with a secure link where you can review and/or cancel your subscription(s) at any time.

9. Can I change the amount of MetaNode Subscriptions I have?

Yes. Please contact us at, and ask for a subscription amount change. Please also provide the email address(es) your subscription(s) link to, and we will update your subscription as soon as possible,  seven - 7- days before the renewal at the latest.
Please note: If you are increasing the amount of subscriptions, the updated charge(s) and activation of for your subscriptions will start running as of the next 30 day subscription period. This to avoid several renewal dates for our users.

Should you be reducing the number of subscriptions, we are regrettably unable to refund you the difference for the unused days in your current monthly subscription period.

For any other issues, such as cancellations or further questions, please contact us on the email address already provided: Kindly allow us one or two business days to get back to you.

10. Is there a trial version?

Not right now, but it's coming! Stay tuned or contact us if you would like a trial version provided for your organization. 

11. Do you offer refunds on MetaNode subscriptions? 

No. Our product is a digital download, and as such, we do not offer refunds. We ask you to please acknowledge this before finalizing your purchase by clicking the button provided which will guide you to the final purchase page.