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MetaNode for 3ds Max

collaborate like never before
MetaNode enables quick and easy instant messenger-like sharing of 3ds Max data within your local network or VPN. 
Effective collaboration is key 
to success
We'll help you make it completely hassle-free
Throughout our careers as 3D graphics professionals, we've struggled with effectively collaborating on projects. It was always our belief that to solve that problem we should think of a solution that is fast, simple to use, and doesn't require artists to learn new habits, 'rewire' their brains or conform to a specific workflow.

Much like instant messaging completely changed the way we communicate, we believe MetaNode will change the way you work together.  No complicated setup, messing with files or folders, naming conventions, complex procedures... We give you a tool to send and receive data from one user to any number of other users - how you use it and what workflow emerges from that capability is up to you and your team. 

Just Select and Send
There's not much more to it. Select some objects, open the Send UI, choose who gets them - and press SEND. Recipients will get a notification that they have objects in their inbox that can be imported.

MetaNode messaging is fully persistent - even if the recipient's machine is off, or the user is offline, they will get the message once they're available.

Change the way you work as a team

Save Time
Every time you need to send an object to someone on the team for editing or review, MetaNode will save you time. 
Share effortlessly
Send objects to specific team members or groups with a few clicks. Create custom target groups with users you often send to.
Get Notified
You'll get notified when you receive a message to your MetaNode inbox. Import the received object whenever you want.
Save Storage Space
Get rid of countless temporary files you forget about and never delete. You'll never have to worry about a filename or network path. 
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