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What is MetaNode?                
*Available for 3ds Max 2019, 2020 and 2021
MetaNode  by Polymachine is a 3ds Max* plugin made for a different kind of collaboration. One where you choose the way, and the tempo of how you collaborate. 

Think of it like an instant messenger. 

Why are instant messengers so popular? We believe it's because you get the message immediately, but are free to choose when to read it or reply. MetaNode works in a similar way. You can send objects from your 3ds Max instance to other users. They will get the message instantly, but they can choose if and when to import it. If they choose to import it at a later time, it conveniently stays out of the way until they need it. 

MetaNode seamlessly plugs into 3ds Max, saves no information in your scenes, and will not produce missing plugin errors when your files are loaded elsewhere. 
About us
Who is Polymachine?
Led by Dean Niskota, Hrvoje Čop and Martin Ferić, Polymachine is a boutique CG studio based in Zagreb, Croatia. We specialize in architectural and product imagery, but we are known to dabble in many different areas outside of traditional archviz imagery. We put great focus on modelling, technical skills and workflow optimization, and from that focus the first prototype of MetaNode was born. Back in 2014, it was internally called "LazyBuffer", written in maxscript, and within days, it forever changed the way we worked. 
While it was a simple tool in the beginning, we developed entire workflows around being able to effortlessly share things between users and projects. For a long time it was our desire to transform this idea into a proper plugin, and after a lot of research and lots of late hours, we're proud to present the initial version of MetaNode. 
So... is this all?
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Not by a long shot!
There is already an extensive roadmap in place. We wanted to get this in your hands as early as possible so as to start getting user feedback and learn where to focus our future efforts. A lot more functionality and quality-of-life improvements are planned, based on the same no-nonsense approach, and we'll address that in future updates and an upcoming dev blog.