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WINDOWS 10 & 3ds Max

2019, 2020 or 2021

A. Start by Installing the MetaNode Server App
The MetaNode Server App takes care of routing messages between your computers, cleaning up your file repository based on the policies you set, and licensing your MetaNode Client Apps. A MetaNode Server does not require a license to run, only the Client Apps do. The server also doesn't require a 3ds Max installation, its a standalone windows app. 

1. You can install the Server on a dedicated machine (such as one you use for other licensing servers), or one of the workstations. The MetaNode Server isn't resource heavy. 

2. Once the install has finished, start the MetaNode Server. Wait a moment for everything to load up in the background until you see the message "Running" - that means all the background services started successfully.

3. Enter your license key in the provided input field. 

4. Press "Validate". Upon successful validation of your license, the message "Valid" will be displayed next to the input field, as above. You will have to do this only once. 

Please note: The machine you use for the Server has to have an internet connection in order to sporadically verify the license. None of the Client machines do, they only have to to able to communicate with the Server. 
B. Configure Your Repository
1. Locate or create a folder on your network that is accessible to all the machines you plan to install the MetaNode Client to. All the files your Clients send to other machines will be stored here, and accessed from here by the Clients receiving the message. If you have a dedicated file server, this would be a good place to put the repository, for example.  

You are now ready to choose how the Server will manage your repository. 

2. "The Repository Max Size" manages the repository by deleting the oldest messages once the size of the folder surpasses a certain limit. 

3. "Delete Files Older Than" manages the repository by deleting files that are older than the specified number of days. 

These two policies can work together, or you can just use one, or none. We recommend leaving at least one of them enabled. 

4. "Maintenance Scheduler" determines how often these checks are performed: realtime, daily, weekly etc. You can manually start a maintenance process by pressing the "Run Now" button. Once the messages are deleted from the repository, they will automatically be removed from the recipients' inboxes. 

C. Install the Client App On Your Machines
1. Run the MetaNode Client installer.

2. Once the installer finishes, run the MetaNode Client App, you will be presented with a window like above.

The "Name" field represents your machine nickname, this will be the name this machine appears with to other Clients. You may consider adding a prefix such as [Anim] or [TD] representing a department or role, to facilitate easier targeting of messages later. 

(Do not worry if you forget, or want to change this later - the "Name" can be changed at any time and will automatically propagate through the system.) 

3. In the "Server IP" enter either the computer name, or the IP of the machine you previously installed the MetaNode Server to. 

4. Press "Register". After a few seconds, the status should change to "Connected" and you're ready to start 3ds Max and use MetaNode. 

(Upon successful registration to the Server, one of the licenses from your available license pool will be subtracted. This will happen for every machine you install the MetaNode Client on.) 
D. Managing Users
There are several options available to you to easily manage your licenses and connected machines.

1. A registered, connected MetaNode Client will have an "Unregister" button when you open it. If pressed, this will disconnect and unregister this particular Client from MetaNode, and free up one license slot.

2. On the "Users" tab of the MetaNode Server, you will find a list of all registered users. Selecting one and clicking "Unregister" will disconnect and unregister this particular Client from MetaNode, and free up one license slot.

3. On the "License" tab of the MetaNode Server, pressing the "Return used licenses" button will unregister all clients and reset your available license pool to the full number of licenses available to you. 
That's it! You are now ready to start using MetaNode in 3ds Max.

Click the button below for a more detailed explanation how this works inside 3ds Max and various usage tips: